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Sardinia is second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily, for its position is characterized by a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and very mild winters, making it a very pleasant destination all year a round. The island has much to offer to all types of tourists and it is certainly much more of a destination for beach lovers.
You can enjoy its unique history by visiting one or more of the 9,000 nuraghe of nuragic civilization; Nuraghe of Barumini is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the surprising Giants’ Tombs, one of the many archaeological sites related to the Phoenician culture or discover the beauties left behind by the long Roman rule .O why not to enjoy a gastronomic tour tasting the many delights that this land  generously offers to all visitors.

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FortyFour B&B
Via Ravenna 23
Cagliari, Italy

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  • CAIO The reception was excellent since the time of our arrival. The staff is really aware for all details and make everything as possible to attend all guest´s needs. The room is very confortable and clean..

    CAIO, Lauro de Freitas (BR)